Why Therapy Is Important for NDIS Participants

NDIS services

Therapy support can make a significant difference in reaching your goals when you are living with an illness, injury, or disability. These may involve increasing your independence, or improving your strength, function, communication, or mental health. Our allied health care professionals at MetroRehab Hospital provide participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) with care and support through a range of therapy options.

Our experienced and friendly team provides NDIS services to participants through a range of disciplines including, but no limited to, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, psychology, hydrotherapy, and speech pathology. We are here to support you, no matter you goals and needs.

Who can access our therapy support services?

You must be an Australian participant of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, under the age of sixty-five, and living with a permanent and significant disability. This scheme can fund the therapy you need, and help you access our support regarding daily living, health and wellbeing, and assistive technology.

What does our NDIS therapy support service include?

We offer a range of options to meet your needs and goals. These can involve the following allied healthcare disciplines.


  • Aids in recovery by supporting your nutritional needs.
  • Can improve your food and fluid intake.
  • Provides you with a personalised nutritional plan.

Exercise Physiology

  • Support from qualified exercise physiologists.
  • Can improve your general health and wellbeing through a focus on movement, strength function and fitness.
  • Allows you to find an exercise plan suitable to maintain safety and get results.


  • Access to our on-site heated pool.
  • Can improve your movement, function, and strength.
  • Harnesses the effects of buoyancy and the decreased gravity when you are in the water.

Music Therapy

  • Can improve speech and communication skills.
  • Assists coordination and memory advancement.
  • Helps you to manage your physical and mental health.
  • Can involve playing instruments or singing, creating lyrics, and listening to our experienced therapists play a range of music.
  • Is suitable for any level of music ability, including beginners.

Occupational Therapy:

  • Provides assistance with everyday activities such as community participation, work, and self-care.
  • Assists you with suitable adaptations, modifications, and equipment
  • Focuses on maximising your independence, confidence, and safety

PD Warrior

  • A specific exercise program exclusive to MetroRehab Hospital.
  • Renowned internationally.
  • Involves a group-based program.
  • Can assist with physical and cognitive symptoms that are part of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Can help to improve movement, and delay symptom onset
  • Focuses on neuroplastic change in the brain.
  • Is motivating, social, and fun.


  • Focuses on activities of daily living, stretches, and exercises.
  • Can improve your independence, safety, function, and mobility.


  • Assists you with your mental health.
  • Provides research-based support.
  • Can include such options as exposure therapy, mindfulness techniques, and behaviour therapy.

Speech Pathology

  • Provides support to advance you communication skills
  • Can improve your ability to swallow and drink
  • Addresses issues connected to such factors as pronunciation, pitch and voice volume, reading, writing, and expressing your thoughts.

How can I access the service?

 It is a simple process to sign up to our NDIS therapy support services. This includes:

  • Submitting a referral form completed by you or your support coordinator.
  • We will review your information and organise an appointment with you.
  • Our experienced team will assess and discuss with you your needs and goals
  • We will develop a plan for you involving the best options within our NDIS Therapy Supports.

NDIS therapy supports can make a significant difference in your life

There are so many ways participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be supported by MetroRehab Hospital’s services. Our qualified and experienced team combine care and knowledge in a wide variety of health care disciplines to assist you reach your goals and improve and maintain your health. We are looking forward to providing the care and assistance you require and deserve, so call us discuss your options.

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