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PD Warrior® Program

Exercise is important for everyone, but if you are living with Parkinson’s disease, exercise can be vital to help you live the life you want. Our PD Warrior® exercise program can help you get fit and build strength so you can begin to live more confidently.

Benefits of PD Warrior® Program

PD Warrior® is not the same as working out in the gym, going for a walk or going for a swim. Although these are all examples of good exercise for general fitness, those with Parkinson’s disease need tailored and specific exercises to ultimately see results in physical mobility and functionality.

PD Warrior® incorporates the most current evidence into its program to ensure results and drive the brain’s natural ability to rewire itself. Find out more today so you can move better, think better, feel better, build your confidence and regain control.

Royal Rehab Private Petersham is proudly licensed to offer the Parkinson’s exercise program PD Warrior®, as part of its multidisciplinary rehab program. This internationally renowned group-based program helps both the physical and cognitive symptoms that occur with Parkinson’s disease, in a fun and social way.

  • Move better
  • Think better
  • Build confidence
  • Improve functionality
  • Boost energy levels
  • Delay onset of severe symptoms
  • Have fun and improve mental health

What's involved

The PD Warrior® program uses a unique combination of physical and cognitive activities, to drive your brain’s natural ability to re-wire itself through neuroplastic change. This helps to improve bodily movement and to delay the onset of the severe symptoms of the disease. Whether you have just been diagnosed or years have passed, if you are living with Parkinson’s disease, try our PD Warrior® program to get fit, build strength, and experience community unlike any other.


There are several funding options available to access our programs. This includes:

Private health insurance

Private health insurance

Fees and charges are dependent upon your health fund and level of cover. Please check with your health fund if any additional charges apply.

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Workers comp / CTP insurance / icare

Before you are admitted or before commencing your program, we will obtain approval from your insurer.

Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Department of Veterans' Affairs

A broad range of health care and support services are available to meet the clinical needs of eligible veterans and eligible dependants.

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If you do not have a funding stream, you can also choose to self-fund your program.


NDIS Funding

As a fully accredited NDIS provider, our NDIS Therapy Supports service provides NDIS participants with evidence-based allied health therapies to support, maintain and increase function and wellbeing. Click to find out more.

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