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Royal Rehab Private Petersham

We are a rehabilitation hospital based in Sydney combining expertise across a range of disciplines under the guidance of rehabilitation specialists to help you achieve better outcomes and quality of life.

Our specialities

A tailored program can help improve strength, function and wellbeing following neurological injury or illness.
Studies show people who participated in a focused stroke rehab program to perform better than those who don’t.
A tailored therapy program can help to slow the progression and severity of symptoms, improving wellbeing and quality of life.
Following neuro surgery, a focused rehab program is often an integral step to improve your function and wellbeing.
Our orthopaedic rehabilitation program is aimed at optimising your recovery journey.
Can help relieve pain and restore fitness and function following illness (cancer, cardiac), injury or hospital stay.
Rehabilitation services

"2012 was the first time I came here. The nurses even remembered me when I came back. I keep coming back because they’re good."

- Ruth
Private rehab Sydney

"I just wanted to be as well as I could for as long as I could. I wanted to get my real life back."

- Carole

Your program may include

Rehabilitation medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine

The diagnosis, assessment, & management of people with a disability due to illness or injury.

Physiotherapy Icon


Focuses on exercises and mobility practice to improve strength and function.

Occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

Aims to help you maximise functional independence in everyday tasks.

Exercise physiology

Exercise Physiology

An allied health discipline based on the benefits of physical exercise to help restore strength & function.



Exercises in warm water help relieve pain, strengthen muscles, increase circulation & improve function.

Speech therapy

Speech Pathology

Aims at improving communication skills & enhancing the ability to swallow & drink.



Helps improve digestion & manage nutritional intake.

Psychology Icon


Assists with thoughts, brain function, behaviours, emotions, personality & human development.

Rehabilitation nursing

Rehabilitation Nursing

Assessing & managing health issues, & providing therapeutic interventions & advice.

Social Work Icon

Social Work

Focuses on enhancing overall health & wellbeing by providing effective & evidence-based support.

Music Therapy Icon

Music Therapy

Supports to manage physical & mental health, improve speech skills, memory & coordination.

PD Warrior®

PD Warrior® Program

Helps manage the physical and cognitive symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, in a fun and social way.

Neurological rehabilitation

Advanced Technology

The latest state-of-the-art equipment in neurological rehabilitation.