Staff Spotlight: Carla

Carla - Exercise Physiologist

As part of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we are honouring our talented clinicians and the work they do every day for people with Parkinson’s disease. We spent some time with Carla, Exercise Physiologist at MetroRehab Hospital, to discuss what a typical day in the life is like for her, how she is helping our clients and her top tips for living well with Parkinson’s.

How long have you been at MetroRehab for?
I have been working at MetroRehab for almost 2 years now.

What is a typical day in your role like?

I currently work a part of a multi-disciplinary team within MetroRehab’s outpatient rehabilitation programs. A typical day in my role as an accredited exercise physiologist includes providing individualised exercise therapy and running hydrotherapy classes for people with a range of different conditions or disabilities.

What is your experience with helping people with PD?

My interest in treating people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) has led me to receive formal training to become a certified PD Warrior instructor.  I currently run the PD Warrior groups multiple times a week, which is is a tailored circuit exercise class to help people living with PD manage their symptoms. I really enjoy seeing my patients have fun, socialise and gain confidence in their movements from participating in the classes.

What are your tips for living well with PD?

Exercise is medicine! So, make exercise a part of your day and this will help slow the progression of PD. Also, celebrate each small win when achieving your goals to stay motivated!

To enquire about our Parkinson’s programs, contact us today on (02) 8585 4900 today.

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