Parkinson’s Management at MetroRehab Hospital

Parkinson’s Management at MetroRehab Hospital

Following a Parkinson’s diagnosis and upon admission to MetroRehab Hospital, your patients will be welcomed by our dedicated team of health professionals who are there to help and support your patients throughout their rehabilitation journey.

Once at MetroRehab Hospital, each patient is individually assessed by a rehabilitation specialist and our expert team of allied health staff who work together with them to understand the severity of the condition and to establish outcomes and goals, namely, how physical, breathing and vocal abilities can be improved.

Offerings at MetroRehab for the treatment and management of Parkinson’s disease include:

  • PD Warrior®

MetroRehab is proudly licensed to offer the internationally renowned exercise program, PD Warrior®,  which is designed to enhance movement in order to make everyday activities easier. Our exercise classes are tailored to each individual and delivered by our certified PD Warrior® clinicians. This therapy is high energy and stimulating for both body and brain.

  • Speech therapy

This is based on the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) principles where breathing and control of the voice box are improved so that speech is easier to understand.

  • Music therapy

This is an exciting and engaging component of our program which has been shown to have many reported benefits for people with Parkinson’s disease. Techniques such as rhythmic auditory stimulation are used to improve the quality of movement.

  • Physiotherapy

With physiotherapy, we will help retrain your patients’ mobility and balance.

  • Hydrotherapy sessions

These take place in our heated pool and offer benefits including reducing body pain and joint impact for your patients.

  • Occupational therapy

This will help your patients in regaining their independence with everyday tasks such as dressing, getting out of the house, preparing meals, sleeping and resting, thinking and memory, and fine motor skills such as handwriting.

  • Clinical psychology

We offer this service to support your patients’ needs.

  • Dietetics

This will be offered should your patients require dietary advice.

For more information on MetroRehab’s Parkinson’s management, please call us on 02 8585 4900, or visit: Parkinson’s Treatment

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