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Super hero effort for National Stroke Week

MetroRehab, a 37-bed, independent, private rehabilitation hospital in the western Sydney suburb of Petersham,specialises in inpatient and day program rehabilitation, including reconditioning, neurological, orthopaedic, pain and musculoskeletal programs.

We recognised that many of our patients have often been in a hospital setting for an extended period of time. Many of these patients can become lonely and bored while in hospital, especially if they have poor social networks or have family and friends who are unable to visit on a regular basis.

During these visits, the students met with patients who had previously indicated that they would like a visit from the students. To get things started we supplied the students with a pack of board games, playing cards and magazines to use as conversation starters. Following each visit, the allocated support person then met with the boys to debrief about their visit and discuss challenges and ideas for future visits.

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