Keep Moving Program

There are countless studies that prove the important health benefits associated with physical activity and exercise, and you should aim to make them part of your daily routine.

Who is it suitable for?

Royal Rehab Private Petersham’s Keep Moving program is focused on making exercising accessible, safe and fun for people recovering from an injury, living with a chronic disease including Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological diseases, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal and cardiometabolic conditions, and for aging adults.




In our heated pool, your therapist will provide water-based exercises to maintain and improve your strength, flexibility, and function. Our hydrotherapy classes make everyday movements feel a lot easier to do! Hydrotherapy is suitable for anyone living with a chronic condition or recovering from recent surgery.

PD Warrior®

PD Warrior®

Our qualified therapists run the PD Warrior® circuit exercise class. This is designed to enhance movement and wellbeing in people living with Parkinson’s Disease and is stimulating for both body and brain.

Strength balance

Strength and Balance

Suitable for all individuals who are independent and are looking to improve their general strength and balance to prevent falls and keep fit. The class is run as a circuit and incorporates our gym equipment ranging from cardio machines, free weights, and balance activities.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular Fitness

Aims to optimize your recovery after heart surgery or manage various cardiovascular conditions. Get your heart, lungs, and body as healthy as possible to improve your overall wellbeing!

What you can expect

  • Our expert team will work closely with you to identify your goals and determine a plan that best meets your needs.
  • All classes are led by a qualified Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist.
  • Classes are run multiple times throughout the week and run for approximately 45 minutes.
  • All classes are small group classes.

Please Note: Referrals are not essential, however, a medical clearance is required for all classes.

Term dates

Term 1: 3 Jan – 12 March
Term 2: 13 March – 21 May
Term 3: 22 May –  30 July
Term 4: 31 July – 8 October
Term 5: 9 October – 17 December


We require advance payment.

  • Hydrotherapy: $330 per 10 week term
  • PD Warrior: $330 per 10 week term
  • Strength and Balance: $417 per 10 week term
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: $330 per 10 week term

I’m interested, what do I need to do?

A referral is not essential, however, a medical clearance is required for all classes.

For more information on class schedules or to enrol, please contact our team on (02) 8585 4900 or

Royal Rehab Petersham Keep Moving